SCFP 2021

What is it?

Monthly sessions with Rujuta Diwekar at her ancestral farmhouse in Sonave, just outside Mumbai, where we learn about farming, local foods and good health.

Key Features

• Learn farming by actually practising it
• Food gyan by Rujuta and her team
• Heritage meals and recipes
• Special focus on introducing kids to farms and real food
In addition, you
• Also get fresh, natural produce from what you grow yourself.
• Contribute to the local farmers by buying their produce directly from them
• Participate in community initiatives like tree plantations, pre school meals, etc.

Who can join?

Everyone. As long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. Especially recommended for families with young children, students and outdoor enthusiasts.

Fresh, natural food

You get what you grow

Farmers market

The produce from what you grow is shared equally between all participants. In addition, premium produce like fruits, vegetables, rice, oils, etc., from Rujuta’s family farm is also shared as per availability. For every session, local farmers will be invited to bring their fresh produce and you can buy it directly from them, contributing to their welfare.


• One pre-decided Sunday every month from 9 – 11 am
• A snack followed by farm activity, gyan session, heritage meal and food basket
• You can sign up for full year or for any one session

Dates for SCFP 2021

Cost for SCFP

(to be paid in full)
Cost (in ₹) before 10th Jan 2021 Cost (in ₹) after 10th Jan 2021
One adult29,00035,000
Two adults signing up together48,00056,000
Children below 12FreeFree
Children (12 -18 years)12,00016,000
Nutrition/ medical students15,00018,000
Fees for one session5,0005,000
- Yearly fees also includes automatic registration for all festivals and special occasions in Sonave
- Seats are limited and we go by first paid, first in system
- Fees is non-refundable and non-transferable

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A picture postcard village, easily accessible from Mumbai, surrounded by forested hills and dotted with green rice fields. The indigenous tribal population lives in complete harmony with its surroundings. Rujuta’s family has been farming here for the last 4 generations.

Getting there

30 km outside Mumbai on the Mumbai - Ahmedabad highway, we take a left at Varai Naka and drive a further 11 km to reach Sonave village.

Google map route - Here


Highlights from Previous Years
ActivityFood Basket

1) Plucked raddish and methi leaves
2) Sowed pumpkin seeds
Rice, Raddish, Methi leaves, Palak, Chickoo, Lemon grass Bakul flowers

1) Cleared & prepared bed to sow methi and palak seeds
2) Plucked tur and vaal
Tur, Vaal, Annapurna leaves, Kadi pata, Navalkol, Raddish, Drumstick

1) Thrashed sun-dried pods for harbara
2) Plucked tur dal and desi tamatar
Methi, Annapurna leaves, Ambe halad, Desi tamatar, Gauthi mirchi, Gauthi baingan

1) Plucked onions
2) Made sabudana padap
3) Stone grinding and sieving of tur pulse
4) Farmer's Market
Onion, Tej pata, Lemon grass, Kadi pata, Goonj leaves

1) Plucked groundnuts
2) Celebrated local berries festival
Neem leaves, Groundnut, Groundnut oil, Banana, Coconut

1) Sprinkled rice in the fields
Shevda, Lal math, Alu pata, Lemon grass

1) Plucked and transplanted rice in another field
2) Planted Jamun tree
Drumstick leaves, Lal math, Tej patta, Kadi patta, Adu leaves

1) Cleared weeds from herbal garden and watered plants with Jeevamrut
2) Restored soil for planted ginger roots
Seetaphal, Laal math, Ambadi, Citronella

1) Sowed desi tamatar, mirchi and baingan seeds
2) Prepared Diwali special oil
Chandan, Aritha, Multani mitti, Kadipata, Drumstick leaves

Pics from previous years of SCFP

For more pics of Sonave Click here

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